Whilst last night was the final Facebook show, we have been working hard to set up a new platform so that we can continue to provide free online entertainment during the global pandemic.

If you would like to join our new live streams, get set up on Mixcloud by following the instructions below.

  • Step 1: Open your application store.  Search for ‘Mixcloud’ and download the application.
  • Step 2: Open the Mixcloud app.  Create an account using your email address, or select the option to ‘connect with Facebook’.
  • Step 3: Click the search button at the bottom of the screen.  This will open the ‘browse’ page.
  • Step 4: Search for ‘Neil Hardingham’ on the ‘users’ tab.  Click ‘follow’ to be notified when Neil goes live.

When Neil goes live, click the Mixcloud notification to join the live stream, or click the following link: www.mixcloud.com/live/neilhardingham.  Alternatively, search for ‘Neil Hardingham’, open Neil’s profile and click the red ‘LIVE NOW’ button to tune into the live stream.

We will be hosting live streams every week at the following times:

  • Friday 7.30pm UK time – Friday Night Fever Show
  • Friday 10.30pm UK time – Late Night Love Show
  • Saturday 7.30pm UK time – Saturday Night House Mashups

We will also host one-off events, such as bingo nights, charity fundraisers, games nights, quizzes and more.

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