Our wireless uplighting can really transform any room or venue, helping to create the perfect atmosphere for your first dance, or a more party feel for an evening’s entertainment.

Newmarket Wedding 2019 - Uplighting Before and After - NH Events

Uplighting can dress even the plainest of venues to create a gorgeously coloured backdrop for photos.  Suitable for any occasion, uplighters can be used to flood an entire wall, ceiling, floor or room with colour, and can be colour-matched to your chosen colour scheme.

All of our quality uplighters can be changed at the push of a button so can be altered throughout the night.  For example, uplighters can be changed to a subtle pink to create an intimate romantic feel for the first dance.  Alternatively, they can also pulse between colours to create a more disco feel.

We highly recommend using uplighting at your event, as they can really transform your venue, helping to create the perfect atmosphere, and can look great in photos.