With the global pandemic of Covid-19 preventing our usual private bookings and public events from taking place, we have instead been offering free online entertainment.  NH Events DJ Neil Hardingham is live on Facebook every evening from 7.30pm UK time for 30 minutes of music, fun and games!

But one of the biggest appeals to these nightly shows has been his huge variety of fancy dress outfits…  From outfits themed to the show sponsors, to NHS uniforms, cardboard cutouts and even his partner’s dresses, Neil has definitely embraced his role of lockdown entertainer!

And he sure does love the props! Neil seen above with a large length of wood, a saw, Barnett’s recently published book and a bottle of Sandford’s home brew! A big thank you to our sponsors for these shows: NAP Scaffolding, I C Barnett Ltd Builders, Fenscape Fencing and The Railway Tavern.

Acrylic paint is also a favourite for Neil’s DIY fancy dress outfits – Neil’s partner Bethany has transformed Neil using a selection of acrylic paint, cardboard and duct tape!  The acrylic paint helped Neil make his baywatch transformation with his swimming hat and goggles! Thank you to NES North Norfolk Hot Tubs for sponsoring this show.  

A full head of orange acrylic paint turned Neil into the ‘Jaffa’ for a show sponsored by Trudy of Tangerine Creative.

The cardboard lightbulb was definitely one of our favourites – and yes, Neil had his full face covered with acrylic paint yet again! Thank you to NES Electrical Fakenham for sponsoring this show.

Yet more acrylic paint – this time to turn Neil into Roland Rat! This show was sponsored by James Bayliss Pest and Predatory Control Services.

Another one of our personal favourites!  This outfit featured another full face of acrylic paint, plus a mysterious package in the letterbox for added comedy value!

If you haven’t already tuned in, make sure to join DJ Neil Hardingham live on Facebook for some lockdown entertainment.  Each night there is a different sponsor/theme, with fancy dress inspired by the sponsor, themed requests and homemade props. Anything goes – it’s all just a bit of fun to help lift peoples’ spirits during lockdown!  If you would be interested in sponsoring a show to help support our British Heart Foundation fundraising, please get in touch.

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