With the global pandemic of Covid-19 preventing our usual private bookings and public events from taking place, we have instead been offering free online entertainment.  NH Events DJ Neil Hardingham is live on Facebook every evening from 7.30pm UK time for 30 minutes of music, fun and games!

But one of the biggest appeals to these nightly shows has been his huge variety of fancy dress outfits…  Neil has recently been theming the shows by music genre, so there have been some more great fancy dress outfits!  

To the left, fancy dress outfits from the ska, soul, country and 70s disco themed shows.  To the right, VE Day Celebrations from Disco Fever Studio number 1! Neil stretched out partner Bethany’s dress, with fake bubblewrap boobs, a full face of make up and THAT POUT!! He sure did get into character!

Hit me baby one more time – with a ‘pop hits’ themed show, Neil dressed us as Britney Spears! Neil had the complete school girl look with pigtails, mini skirt, cardigan and some very dodgy make up – another character that Neil made his own!

Did Neil grow hair overnight?? Oh no, just some more acrylic paint… a Disco Fever favourite! This was one of Neil’s favourite outfits as he loved playing the character of Freddie Mercury!

Who can forget the much anticipated garage night? Featuring none other than Neil dressed as regular viewer Gemma… but also as a garage mechanic! Overalls, tattoo sleeves, Gemma’s sunnies and fake tan (nope, more acrylic paint)… oh dear!

Dominos pizza in Ibiza! The Disco Fever Studio was transformed into Cafe Mambo for one night only for a night full of Ibiza classics.

By popular demand, Neil hosted 2 rock and punk themed nights! Maybe not Neil’s favourite genres of music but he definitely got into character with his cardboard guitar! Not forgetting the hand painted rock tattoos! Possibly the happiest (and most camp!) punk you’ve ever seen?

The outfit that got featured on BBC Look East! 118 came to Disco Fever Studio 1 for a night of 90s cheese!

Pussaaayyyy Patrol! Jane Rice-smith and her famous pussy (cat!) have made quite a name for themselves in Disco Fever circles… so this was the perfect outfit for Jane’s birthday show!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s one Hit Wonder Man! 3 guesses for the theme of this show… After nearly 3 months of lockdown lager milkshakes, I’m not sure Neil needed the extra padding for this outfit!

Everybody in da club…eat a club biscuit! Another themed night with more cardboard and paint!

If you haven’t already tuned in, make sure to join DJ Neil Hardingham live on Facebook for some lockdown entertainment.  Anything goes – it’s all just a bit of fun to help lift peoples’ spirits during lockdown! 

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