With the global pandemic of Covid-19 preventing our usual private bookings and public events from taking place, we have instead been offering free online entertainment.  NH Events DJ Neil Hardingham is live on Facebook every evening from 7.30pm UK time for 30 minutes of music, fun and games!

But one of the biggest appeals to these nightly shows has been his huge variety of fancy dress outfits… From outfits themed to the show sponsors, to NHS uniforms, cardboard cutouts and even his partner’s dresses, Neil has definitely embraced his role of lockdown entertainer!

The show on the right was sponsored by Little Footsteps of Dereham. All of the artwork and the t-shirt were painted by DJ Neil and his partner Bethany, with the help of a bottle of wine or two (it is lockdown after all!)! Neil’s ‘nappy’ is actually a pair of swimming shorts turned inside out, with some socks for padding. And baby Neil’s bonnet is a shower cap with some lace tied round his chin! Absolutely mad!

Slightly concerning how much Neil loved to wear dresses in the shows! He wore this little 50s number for two shows sponsored by Andy and Adele of Foot-Loose Modern Jive.

Neil really did get into character for this next one! Inspired by our show sponsor Darren George (Dereham’s very own Freddie Mercury!), Neil did his own rendition of I Want to Break Free. Neil wore partner Bethany’s clothes yet again – including a pair of stockings!! – and handmade his own wig out of paper and gaffer tape (a true Disco Fever essential!).

Introducing Disco Fever Studio number 3! It took Neil all day to clear out his garage enough to be able to get the Mini inside – thank goodness for convertibles or this show would have been very difficult! And who can forget the disastrous balloon drop? Partner Bethany stood on the bonnet and shook a bag of balloons on top of Neil – it looked great from inside the garage but only one balloon was actually in shot! Thank you to garage king James Causton of Causton Motors Ltd for sponsoring this show.

One bald head, some cardboard and a bit of acrylic paint = Humpty Dumpty of course!  Thank you to our sponsor RG Construction.

May the 4th be with you… featuring none other than Yoda doing yoga! Neil had his face painted with acrylics, and stretched out some more of his partner Bethany’s clothes.

If you haven’t already tuned in, make sure to join DJ Neil Hardingham live on Facebook for some lockdown entertainment.  Each night there is a different sponsor/theme, with fancy dress inspired by the sponsor, themed requests and homemade props. Anything goes – it’s all just a bit of fun to help lift peoples’ spirits during lockdown!  If you would be interested in sponsoring a show to help support our British Heart Foundation fundraising, please get in touch.

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